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Ninja Guitar Courses are designed to be powerful, no nonsense, zero B.S. courses aimed at taking beginner guitarists from zero experience to being awesome musicians in a short space of time – all while having fun with this mighty instrument.

New Course – Ninja Chord Changes – OUT NOW!

Learn through our videos, eBooks and audio supplementary guides the powerful steps to help you master the `dark arts` of changing chords.

In less than 30 days if you follow the course and apply the knowledge on a regular basis you will notice effective, powerful improvements. Your chord changes and fingers will feel faster and you will be more relaxed allowing you to truly feel free with the guitar for the first time.

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What You Get

Each course will give you plenty of real world, highly tested information, tips and powerful techniques that will take months and even years off your guitar playing. I have taught over 120 students in the real world and most were just like you, either they had never played before or were struggling beginners.

After seeing their frustrations with the difficulties of learning the guitar, I quickly created a variety of methods to help them past these hurdles. After many years of testing, adapting and perfecting these techniques, you are now seeing the final results. That is what Ninja Guitar Courses is about – all my years of experience and expertise in one easy to digest and fun package.

How Long Are The Ninja Guitar Courses?

They are as long as they need to be. There is zero fluff, pointless filler or impossible tasks. Instead they deliver exactly what you need to know in an easy-to-access, affordable program. Once you purchase a Ninja Guitar Course it’s yours forever. There is no expiration date or limit on how many times you can review and implement the material.

If the course is ever updated, you will have full and complete access to the updates for free. You will also have access to a direct priority email to me which is only available once you have enrolled in a course.

How To Get The Most From Your Ninja Guitar Course

The most important part of each course is closing the gap between information and action. These courses will provide you with the information you need to improve important skills in your guitar playing. Delivering that information to you is my responsibility. Taking action on that information is your responsibility. I’m confident you can do that.

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Happy guitar playing!

Dan Thorpe